A methodical approach to systems engineering

For engineers like you working on safety critical projects, advanced planning and correct structure for development are paramount. Complex undertakings demand predictive modeling, a big picture view and a watertight process for defining and managing all mission critical requirements. And this is precisely what we deliver.

Our rigorous procedures allow us to:

  • Adequately identify, define, and manage all your system requirements
  • Produce a complete solution concept and system architecture
  • Develop systems that meet all feasibility requirements within specified constraints

Model-based designs and simulations

To ensure your project is on specification, Inurv uses a variety of powerful and interactive graphical development environments, including:

  • SCADE Suite®
  • LabVIEW®
  • Simulink®

These tools allow us to produce model-based designs, visualize simulations, and address all problems at the very early stages of the development.

Our highly effective work breakdown structure (WBS) means accurate spending, project control and predictable outcomes for your company.

In additional to technical expertise in systems engineering, Inurv is unique in our ability to develop a solid work breakdown structure (WBS) for you. This will give you a robust framework for detailed cost estimation, along with superior guidance on schedule development, monitoring and controlling.

With our proprietary methods based on the quantization of the work breakdown structure, Inurv keeps you on track to a predictable outcome – and keeps you on budget and on schedule