Inspired design and implementation begins with us

Real-time constraints. The high cost of development. Compliance with exacting industry standards.  We understand that these are just a few of the issues that engineering firms like yours are challenged with today.

Our core expertise and experience lies in developing performance critical applications for industry sectors such as Aerospace, Medical Devices and Industrial Automation.

Ensure your company the highest quality and lower your total development costs by allowing us to design your system using:

  • a simple custom-built embedded framework, or
  • standard off-the-shelf motion and PLC controllers, or
  • a full-scale industrial PC with distributed I/O and control networks.

We have experience in many leading industrial embedded computing ARM, DSP and PowerPC processors and microcontrollers.

Also look to us to design and implement your distributed I/O and control networks affordably using industrial networking protocols and interfaces, such as

  • CAN (Controller Aria Network)
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherCAT®

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