Certification Liaison

We bring total compliance confidence – at a lower cost

Developing fully certifiable electronics equipment can be challenging–and expensive. But not with us.  Our well-defined process and methodical approach will satisfy all the rigorous requirements of even the most demanding certification authorities…for less than you may expect.

We have extensive experience certifying up to Level A:

  • DO-178 / ED-12 compliant Airborne Software
  • DO-254 / ED-80 compliant Airborne Electronic Hardware

Our affordable certification package includes:

  • All certification plans
  • Accomplishment summaries and associated checklists
  • Compliance matrices, including:
    • PSAC/PHAC: Plan for Software/Hardware Aspects of Certification
    • SDP/HDP: Software/Hardware Development/Design Plan
    • SVP/HVP: Software/Hardware Verification/Validation Plan
    • SQAP/HPAP: Software/Hardware Quality/Process Assurance Plan
    • SCMP/HCMP: Software/Hardware Configuration Management Plan
    • STQP/HDQP: Software/Hardware Tool Qualification Considerations

Save yourself the worry – and lower your overall certification expenditure.

Let our expert team work with you closely throughout the entire certification process to help you meet your certification objectives in a deterministic manner.

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